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This posting has expired and is no longer available.

Jobing Description

(Maintenance Department)

Job Title: HEAVY EQUIPMENT MECHANIC Job Section: Running Repair
Bargaining Unit: Operating and Maintenance Probationary Pay Rate:
Posting Date: 1/13/2014 Entry Level/Maximum Pay Range: $23.87 per hour
Posting No: 2-14 Last Day to Apply: 1/27/2014

Essential Functions for the Position:
Individual to perform inspections and maintenance, diagnosis and repair, overhauling and servicing of transit vehicles.

Special Knowledge & Skills:
1. Must be able to read and understand technical publications, material safety data sheets, operational schematics (to include electrical, electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic systems) and efficiently apply principles of mechanics to transit vehicle repairs.
2. Must be familiar with current safety equipment and procedures.
3. Must be familiar with all phases of troubleshooting, using current diagnostic equipment and methods; and must be able to troubleshoot and diagnose engine, transmission, driveline, electrical, electronic, hydraulic, cooling, brake and air systems found on transit vehicles.

Education, Training & Experience:
1. Must be high school or trade school graduate.
2. Must have minimum of six (6) years' practical working experience in the heavy-duty vehicle field, including at least four (4) years' experience with diesel engines and associated power trains.

Other Job Requirements & Conditions:
1. Must be willing and able to work various shifts, overtime as directed, holiday-duty as required, and assume days-off as assigned.
2. Must have excellent work performance and attendance records.
3. Must pass Company-administered written and oral examinations.
4. Must meet or be able to meet all present and future license and certification requirements as may be required by City, State or Federal governments. Must have valid Hawaii State driver's license with clean traffic abstract and must be able to pass State of Hawaii D.O.T. driving requirements for a "Type B" commercial driver's license.
5. Must be able to meet standard physical requirements and pass Company-sponsored medical examination and drug screening.