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Posted: 10/4/2019
Job Status: Full Time
Job Reference #: 2264875
Keywords: recreation

Job Description

Overall Job Objective

Recruitment Information

Recruitment Number 218556

The immediate vacancy is located in Maalaea / Kihei / Wailea.

Level III - $3,269 per month (SR-16, Step C)

Level IV - $3,540 per month (SR-18, Step C)

A continuous recruitment may be closed at any time. The notice of the last day to file applications will be posted on the Civil Service Hawaii State Government Jobs page of our website.

Duties Summary

Boating and Ocean Recreation Harbor Agents are responsible for operation and maintenance of harbors for light and medium draft vessels under the jurisdiction of the Department of Land and Natural Resources, small boat ramps; and the monitoring and permitting of recreational and commercial activity in the waters of the State of Hawaii. This responsibility includes waters designated as Ocean Recreation Management Areas (ORMA) as well as the ocean waters of the State from the high water mark out to three miles.

Harbor operations and maintenance duties include assigning berths; regulating movement of vessels in the harbors; providing for billing and collecting of fees; enforcement of traffic, boating and harbor regulations; inspecting boats; and inspecting and maintenance harbor facilities and equipment. Positions oversee recreational and commercial ocean activities within the harbors and in waters surrounding the harbors, ensures compliance with State laws and rules, and address user conflicts. Examples of recreational and commercial ocean activities are surf contests, canoe regattas, tour boats, charter cruises, and commercial fishing charters.

Positions in this class level are one of two types:

1)   Responsible for the operations and maintenance of one or several small boat harbors, boat ramps, and ocean waters of the State representing harbor and ocean activities which are operationally the least active and complex.

2)   Responsible to operate and maintain the assigned harbors and/or boat ramps; and enforce compliance with laws and rules for recreational and commercial ocean activities in the waters near and surrounding the assigned harbors and/or boat ramps. Position reports to a higher level agent who has authority over and responsibility for the operation and maintenance of these areas.

Class Distinguishers:
Level III:   This class is distinguished by its responsibility for overseeing supervising and participating in the operation and maintenance of one or several harbors, boat ramps and ocean recreation areas characterized by location away from principal metropolitan and/or tourist areas, with a large number of berths (50-300) and permits issued, representing harbor and ocean activities which are operationally moderately active and complex.

Level IV:   In addition to the above Level III, this class is distinguished by its responsibility over a large number of berths (over 50) with long waiting periods for berthing space and permits issued; frequent need to provide temporary berthing for transient boats; usually a mix of recreational and commercial boating activity; high intensity of vessel, vehicular and pedestrian traffic; and periodic special activities such as hosting local, national and international fishing and sailing events; representing harbor and ocean activities which are operationally significantly active and complex.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

Applicants will be placed on the eligible list for ALL levels for which they are qualified.
To qualify, you must meet all of the following requirements:

Basic Education/Experience Requirement: One (1) year of full-time work experience requiring the ability to read and understand oral and written instructions; write simply and directly; and make simple arithmetic computations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). This requirement may also be met by possession of a high school diploma, or equivalent.

General Experience Requirement:
Applicants must have had progressively responsible experience of the type and quality described below:

Two (2) years of full-time work experience which involved meeting and dealing effectively with people in a person-to-person work relationship. Such experience must have demonstrated the ability to:
(1) establish and sustain positive relationships with people;
(2) elicit and provide pertinent information;
(3) read, understand and apply various rules and regulations;
(4) prepare clear and concise reports.

Examples of acceptable work experience include, but are not limited to: 1) Harbor Agents who, in operating and maintaining a project or project area, establishes and maintains continuing relationships with clients and users, applying various rules and regulations; and 2) professional, para-professional, or clerical workers and others who deal constantly with clients in eliciting and providing information and in providing advice/guidance.

Examples of non-acceptable work experience include, but are not limited to, experience as a sales clerk, office clerk, station attendant, counter worker or other such experience which may have involved much contact with people but only in a minimal context (such as in taking and filling an order).

Specialized Experience by Level: 

Level III (One (1) year of Specialized Experience and for Level IV (two years of Specialized Experience which included:

Participation in the performance of harbor operation activities such as the assignment of vessels to berths; direction and control of movement of vessels in the harbor; recording and reporting vessel arrivals and departures; preparation and collection of charges for use of harbor facilities; and ensuring compliance with harbor rules and regulations. The work experience must also include observing recreational and commercial ocean activities for compliance with laws and rules; and the resolution of user conflicts between recreational and commercial users of the harbor and surrounding waters. 

In order to be qualifying, the work must have involved substantive participation in harbor operations and ocean recreation compliance activities. Experience limited to peripheral supportive activities such as maintenance or grounds-keeping functions, will not qualify for Specialized Experience.

Note: Level IV must have at least one (1) year of experience comparable in scope and responsibility to that of the class Boating and Ocean Recreation Harbor Agent II OR, at least two (2) years of experience comparable to the class Boating and Ocean Recreation Harbor Agent II in the State service.

Supervisory Aptitude: Applicants for Boating and Ocean Recreation Harbor Agent III and IV, must possess Supervisory Aptitude. Supervisory Aptitude is the demonstration of aptitude or potential for the performance of supervisory duties through successful completion of regular or special assignments which involve some supervisory responsibilities or aspects; by serving as a group or team leader, or in similar work in which opportunities for demonstrating supervisory capabilities exist; by completion of training courses in supervision accompanied by application of supervisory skills in work assignments or by favorable appraisals by a supervisor indicating the possession of supervisory potential.

Substitutions Allowed:  Relevant substitutions as described in the Minimum Qualification Requirements, will apply.

License Required: Applicants must possess a valid driver's license at the time of appointment.

The information provided above represents a summary of the complete Minimum Qualification Requirements. To view the Requirements in their entirety, please CLICK HERE.


Other Information

The State of Hawai'i complies with federal and state disability laws and makes reasonable accommodations for applicants and employees with disabilities.  If you require reasonable accommodations in completing an application, any pre-employment testing, or otherwise participating in the selection process, please call 808-587-0936 for assistance.

The PSLF Program is a federal program that is intended to encourage individuals to work in public service by forgiving the balance of their federal student loans.  To qualify, the individual must have made 120 qualifying payments while employed by a qualifying employer.  For more information, please click:


The Department of Human Resources Development will use electronic mail (email) to notify applicants of important information relating to the status and processing of their applications as part of our ongoing efforts to increase operational efficiency, promote the conservation of green resources, and minimize delays and costs.

Please ensure that the email address and contact information you provide is current, secure, and readily accessible to you. We will not be responsible in any way if you do not receive our emails or fail to check your email-box in a timely manner

In addition, please be aware that you may no longer receive notification about applications submitted if you choose to disable the Job Application Emails feature in your Account Settings.
The examination for this recruitment will be conducted on an unassembled basis where the examination score is based on an evaluation and rating of your education and experience. It is therefore important that your employment application provide a clear and detailed description of the duties and responsibilities of each position you held.

In-person interviews and/or further testing in Hawaii may be required at the discretion of the hiring agency. If in-person interviews and/or further testing is a requirement, applicants who meet the minimum qualification requirements and are referred to the vacancy must be available to participate in-person and at their own expense in this required phase of the selection process.

Applicants are encouraged to submit their applications as soon as possible. In addition to employment availability and score, the referral of qualified applicants may be based upon other factors including date of receipt of the application.

CLICK HERE for further information about Equal Employment Opportunity, the Merit Civil Service System, Citizenship and other requirements, Reasonable Accommodation, Veterans Preference, Examination Requirements, and the State Recruiting Office's Levels of Review.