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Posted: 10/5/2019
Job Reference #: 2584991

Job Description

Overall Job Objective

Recruitment Information

Recruitment Number 219535 - The immediate vacancies are located in Ewa.

Salaries for the various position levels are as follows:

                        Drafting Technician III - $2,835

                        Drafting Technician IV - $3,061

                        Drafting Technician V - $3,310                 

                        Drafting Technician VI - $3,584

                        Drafting Technician VII - $3,873

A continuous recruitment may be closed at any time. The notice of the last day to file applications will be posted on the State of Hawaii's Civil Service Job Opportunities Listing page of our website.

Duties Summary

Individually performs complex drafting work involving a high level of drafting skill, in an area of specialization; may serve as team leader for a small group of drafting technicians of lower level; and performs other related duties as assigned.

Drafting Technician III position performs work under general supervision as advanced trainees to complete assignments varying in degree of difficulty and complexity.

Drafting Technician IV position performs a variety of moderately difficult drafting work under general supervision and receives training in procedures, regulations and special techniques.

Drafting Technician V position performs fairly complex drafting work under general supervision in an area of specialization; and performs other related duties as assigned.

Drafting Technician VI position individually performs complex drafting work involving a high level of drafting skill, in an area of specialization; may serve as team leader for a small group of drafting technicians of lower level; and performs other related duties as assigned.

Drafting Technician VII position supervises a small group of drafting technicians (e.g., 5-8), performing highly skilled and complex drafting work characteristic of the VI level or a larger group (e.g., 10 or more) of drafting technicians performing more standardized and routine drafting work characteristics of the II to V levels; personally performs the most difficult and complex drafting work of the unit; and performs other duties as assigned.

The following specialty titles are used for positions at the V level and above:

Drafting Technician (Engineering)
Includes positions whose primary function involves the drafting of profiles, cross-sections, plans and details for airport, harbor and highway planning, design, construction and maintenance projects, water and sewage systems, flood control, irrigation and drainage systems, parks, and other such engineering structures and facilities, and the preparation of maps, charts, graphs and illustrative materials directly relating to such projects.

Drafting Technician (Architectural)
Includes positions whose primary function involves the drafting of floor plans, elevations, perspective drawings, sections, and architectural details of buildings, and related structures.

Drafting Technician (Structural)
Includes positions whose primary function involves drafting work on girders, beams, columns, riveted and welded joints, concrete reinforcing, and other elements of steel, concrete, timber, and other structures, including bridges, buildings, dams, wharves, piers, tunnels, retaining walls, tanks and towers, pedestrian facilities and other such structures.

Drafting Technician (Cartographic)
Includes drafting positions which involve as a primary function, the compilation, drafting, revising and editing of maps and charts, and the collection, selection, computation, adjustment, processing and evaluation of source material to be used in such maps and charts.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

Applicants will be placed on the eligible lists for ALL levels for which they are qualilfied.

To qualify, you must meet all of the following requirements:

Education: Graduation from high school or equivalent, with courses in mathematics and mechanical drawing.

Excess Drafting Experience as described below or any responsible experience demonstrating analytical or drawing skill may be substituted for Education on a year-for-year basis.

Drafting Experience:
Required experience in preparing detailed architectural, engineering, and/or cartographic drawings from designs and sketches, which include:

A. The layout and drawings of finished plans; and
B. Computation in the preparation of scaled drawings.

Drafting experience by level:
Level III:    1 year of experience as stated above.
Level IV:     2 years of experience as stated above.
                   Both Level III and IV require performing simple routine drafting work with
                   algebra, geometry, trigonometry, nomenclature and use of conventional symbols,
                   basic techniques, standard drafting instruments/equipment, and solve simple math
Level V:      3 years of experience as stated above.
                   This is a qualified journeyman level for recurring, standardized drafting as
                   assignments, where incumbents are expected to perform all but the most complex
                   and difficult drafting work in a specialized area.
Level VI:     5 years of experience as stated above.
                    This level has a marked increase in the extent of authority and independent 
                    responsibility for planning the method of approach of graphic portrayals so as to
                    complement most effectively the information contained in specifications or 
                    descriptions; are expected to plan and develop their work with a minimum of
                    supervisory assistance.
Level VII:    6 years of experience as stated above. This level must possess supervisory
                    aptitude as described in the Minimum Qualifications.

Substitution Allowed: Successful completion of a course of study in Engineering Technology at an accredited community college may be substituted for one (1) year of the required Drafting Experience.

License: A valid driver's license is required for some positions. For those positions, a driver's license is required at the time of appointment. 

The information provided above represents a summary of the complete Minimum Qualification Requirements. To view the Requirements in their entirety, please CLICK HERE.


Other Information

The State of Hawai'i complies with federal and state disability laws and makes reasonable accommodations for applicants and employees with disabilities.  If you require reasonable accommodations in completing an application, any pre-employment testing, or otherwise participating in the selection process, please call 808-587-0936 for assistance.

The PSLF Program is a federal program that is intended to encourage individuals to work in public service by forgiving the balance of their federal student loans.  To qualify, the individual must have made 120 qualifying payments while employed by a qualifying employer.  For more information, please click:

The Department of Human Resources Development (HRD) will use electronic mail (email) to notify applicants of important information relating to the status and processing of their applications as part of our ongoing efforts to increase operational efficiency, promote the conservation of green resources, and minimize delays and costs.

Please ensure that the email address and contact information you provide is current, secure, and readily accessible to you. We will not be responsible in any way if you do not receive our emails or fail to check your email-box in a timely manner

In addition, please be aware that you may no longer receive notification about applications submitted if you choose to disable the Job Application Emails feature in your Account Settings.

The examination for this recruitment will be conducted on an unassembled basis where the examination score is based on an evaluation and rating of your education and experience. It is therefore important that your employment application provide a clear and detailed description of the duties and responsibilities of each position you held.

In-person interviews and/or further testing in Hawaii may be required at the discretion of the hiring agency. If in-person interviews and/or further testing is a requirement, applicants who meet the minimum qualification requirements and are referred to the vacancy must be available to participate in person and at their own expense in this required phase of the selection process.

Applicants are encouraged to submit their applications as soon as possible. In addition to employment availability and score, the referral of qualified applicants may be based upon other factors including date of receipt of application.

CLICK HERE for further information about Equal Employment Opportunity, the Merit Civil Service System, Citizenship and other requirements, Reasonable Accommodation, Veterans Preference, Examination Requirements, and the State Recruiting Office's Levels of Review.