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Posted: 10/4/2019
Job Reference #: 1306902

Job Description

Overall Job Objective

Recruitment Information

Recruitment Number 216531 - Immediate vacancies are located in Halawa to Kalihi and Downtown, Island of Oahu Employment.   The some immediate vacancies in Halawa to Kalihi and Downtown are Temporary.

Journeyworker:  $4,316 to $6,391 per month (SR 22, Step C to M) and Senior Specialist/Subject Matter Expert:  $4,859 to $7,192 per month (SR 24, Step C to M).

Note: Hiring rates will be based on availability of funds, the applicant's qualifications, and other relevant factors.

NOTE:  Employees appointed to temporary positions may also gain membership in the civil service upon satisfactory completion of an initial probation period of at least six months. Once you become a member of the civil service, you become eligible to apply for promotion and transfer opportunities to permanent as well as other temporary positions. You may also enjoy other rights and benefits afforded to an employee in a permanent position with the exception of return rights and placement rights associated with a reduction-in-force.

A continuous recruitment may be closed at any time. The notice of the last day to file applications will be posted on the Civil Service Hawaii State Government Jobs page of our website.

Duties Summary

Positions assigned to this level will independently perform the full range of Systems Analysis work ranging from the Journeyworker to the Senior Specialist/Subject Matter Expert levels.


Identifies complex inter/intra departmental problems, evaluates existing systems and technologies, cost and time constraints and recommends most effective solution for systems design. Leads system integration testing, interface development, conversion activities, interaction between systems and other system implementation tasks. Works with users under general supervision and is able to handle all complex technical aspects of system analysis. May oversee activities of lower level employees in the department or supervise resources on special projects.

Journeyworker: Performs complex professional work and exercises independent judgment, discretion and adaptation in determining an approach and applying broad concepts, subject matter knowledge, professional skills and techniques in order to successfully complete assignments and fulfill the full scope of responsibilities. Assignments require considerable knowledge of applicable laws, rules, policies, regulations and procedures in a subject matter area or field of expertise; and typically requires the analysis and understanding of various factors, conditions, processes, functions etc., in order to formulate a feasible solution/work product. Controlling precedents, policies, procedures and decisions are not immediately apparent to problems being analyzed. Positions may be assigned work as a generalist, performing the full range of professional work from simple to highly complex assignments, but spends the majority of work time performing complex professional work. Positions may be assigned work as a specialist performing the full range of work in a specialized area encompassing a range of complexity from simple to highly complex work, but spends a majority of work time performing complex work in the specialized area.

Senior Specialist/Subject Matter Expert: Performs the most advanced level or work, requiring the application of comprehensive and in-depth knowledge, and seasoned judgment. As the senior specialist, positions serve as a project or team leader initiating, coordinating, and completing highly complex projects. Projects are of such scope and complexity to require directing a team of lower level specialists at the journeyworker level, and ensuring accuracy and timely completion. As the subject matter expert, positions perform the most complex work in a particular subject matter area for a majority of work time on a regular and continuing basis; and/or provides expert advisory, consultative, and technical guidance to others on their respective area of expertise. Assignments require the resolution of novel, controversial or unusual situations; encompass a broad range of elements, some of which are conflicting and difficult to reconcile or accommodate; and/or involve responsibility for highly complex projects and/or activities that require the consideration and reconciliation of various issues of an unprecedented nature. Decision-making is difficult because of the uncertainty in approach, methodology, or interpretation and evaluation of processes that result from events such as continuing and frequent changes in program, technological developments, unknown phenomena, or conflicting requirements. The work requires originating new techniques and/or standards.

Specialty Area:

Systems Analysis: Develops new information systems and/or enhancement of existing systems. This includes determining feasibility and designing a new system or enhancement of an existing system; converting user requirements into a set of functional specifications; implementing the new system or enhancements; and/or assisting with or designing the databases; preparing application test data and running of unit, string and systems tests; and developing and implementing systems analysis standards and procedures.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

To qualify, you must meet all of the following requirements:

Basic Education: A bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university.

Excess Information Technology Experience as described below or any other responsible administrative, professional or analytical work experience which provided knowledge, skills and abilities comparable to those acquired in four years of successful study while completing a college or university curriculum leading to a baccalaureate degree may be substituted on a year-for-year basis. To be acceptable, the experience must have been of such scope, level and quality as to assure the possession of comparable knowledge, skills and abilities.

Specialized Experience: Two to four years of professional work experience in the Systems Analysis Specialty Area; or any equivalent combination of training and experience.

Job Related Competencies Required: Depending upon the level you are interested in and being considered for, applicants must possess experience and/or training which demonstrates a basic understanding of at least some of the following competencies: Understand and apply knowledge of information technology principles, concepts, standards, policies and procedures; computer hardware, software, languages and procedures; personal computers (PCs), servers, mini and/or mainframe operating systems; basic mathematics; problems solving methods and techniques; and report writing.

Special Requirements:

A. Some positions require the ability to lift and carry equipment and supplies (i.e., PCs, monitors, printers, scanners, paper cases, etc.) weighing up to 50 pounds without assistance AND lift and carry heavier loads (i.e., network printers) weighing up to 100 pounds, with assistance.

B. A valid driver's license is required for some positions. For those positions requiring a driver's license, you must possess a valid driver's license at the time of appointment.


Other Information

The PSLF Program is a federal program that is intended to encourage individuals to work in public service by forgiving the balance of their federal student loans.  To qualify, the individual must have made 120 qualifying payments while employed by a qualifying employer.  For more information, please click:

The Department of Human Resources Development (HRD) will use electronic mail (email) to notify applicants of important information relating to the status and processing of their applications as part of our ongoing efforts to increase operational efficiency, promote the conservation of green resources, and minimize delays and costs.

Please ensure that the email address and contact information you provide is current, secure, and readily accessible to you. We will not be responsible in any way if you do not receive our emails or fail to check your email-box in a timely manner.  In addition, please be aware that you may no longer receive notification about applications submitted if you choose to disable the Job Application Emails feature in your Account Settings.

The examination for this recruitment will be conducted on an unassembled basis where the examination score is based on an evaluation and rating of your education and experience. It is therefore important that your employment application provide a clear and detailed description of the duties and responsibilities of each position you held.

In-person interviews and/or further testing in Hawaii may be required at the discretion of the hiring agency. If in-person interviews and/or further testing are required, applicants who meet the minimum qualification requirements and are referred to the vacancy must be available to participate in person and at their own expense in this phase of the selection process.

Applicants are encouraged to submit their applications as soon as possible. In addition to employment availability and score, the referral of qualified applicants may be based upon other factors including date of receipt of the application.

The State of Hawai'i complies with federal and state disability laws and makes reasonable accommodations for applicants and employees with disabilities.  If you require reasonable accommodations in completing an application, any pre-employment testing, or otherwise participating in the selection process, please call 808-587-0936 for assistance.

CLICK HERE for further information about Equal Employment Opportunity, the Merit Civil Service System, Citizenship and other requirements, Reasonable Accommodation, Veterans Preference, Examination Requirements, and the State Recruiting Office's Levels of Review.