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Posted: 9/28/2019
Job Reference #: 2069586
Keywords: patient, health

Job Description

Overall Job Objective

Recruitment Information

Recruitment Number - 218229 - Statewide Employment - $4,413 to $5,373 per month (SR-22, Step C to H).    
Some immediate positions are Part-Time

Some immediate positions are Temporary

Hiring rates will be based on availability of funds, the applicant's qualifications, and other relevant factors.

NOTE: Employees appointed to temporary positions may also gain membership in the civil service upon satisfactory completion of an initial probation period of at least six months. Once you become a member of the civil service, you become eligible to apply for promotion and transfer opportunities to permanent as well as other temporary positions. You may also enjoy other rights and benefits afforded to an employee in a permanent position with the exception of return rights and placement rights associated with a reduction-in-force.

A continuous recruitment may be closed at any time. The notice of the last day to file applications will be posted on the Civil Service Hawaii State Government Jobs page of our website.

Duties Summary

Social Workers seek to improve the overall quality of life of people within the context of their environment through the remediation and prevention of their problems, and by improving accessibility, accountability and coordination of service delivery among a variety of professionals and/or agencies tasked with providing appropriate services to clients. These professionals come from a variety of interdisciplinary bases, establish working relationships of mutual respect and trust with the clientele served, and utilize a variety of helping interventions to enable these clients to function as effectively as possible.

These positions are found in a variety of settings and work with diverse types of people. They may be found in hospitals and other health service agencies, social service agencies, and programs concerned with substance abuse, aging, and family violence.  Although work settings and clientele may differ, all Social Workers use similar professional concepts, principles and techniques regardless of the program in which they work.

Social Worker IV positions are distinguished by the complexity of assigned cases and level of authority assumed by the worker. The following summarizes the types of positions found at this level:

Type A: The fully trained, experienced social worker who independently performs the full range of professional human services work for a caseload consisting of predominantly highly complex cases. These are cases where clients frequently exhibit extreme hostility (which may include violent behavior to others or themselves) or resistance to services, possibly because they have been repeatedly referred to or compelled to accept agency services; have multiple and/or severe psychological, mental, physical, and environmental problems or have become the focus of notoriety and/or intense public scrutiny; and there is difficulty in determining or obtaining appropriate services, and in having clients accept services and comply with treatment plans.

Type B: The fully trained and experienced Social Worker who serves as a program specialist under the direction of a higher level specialist or other professional, and is assigned a program which is fairly narrow in scope and/or generally part of a larger program area. Work may encompass various tasks such as interpreting, clarifying and developing guidelines within the overall scope of the larger program; drafting policies and implementation plans; developing training guides and providing training; and monitoring and reporting on implementation.

Type C: The fully trained, experienced Social Worker who spends a significant portion of the work time in direct performance of work typical of the Social Worker and concurrently supervises a small group of less experienced Social Workers or Human Services Professionals and/or others providing professional human services, without having significant program management responsibilities.

Note: Some positions may provide services covered under the Felix Consent Decree.

PROGRAM PREFERENCE CHOICES: The following is a brief description of the different programs within various departments for the Social Worker.  

Department of Human Services (DHS):

Adult Protective & Community Services Branch (APCSB)
 - Assess requests for adult social services; investigate all reports of abuse and neglect of dependent adults and arrange for appropriate services to ensure safety; and provide comprehensive services to severely or chronically ill and disabled adults of all ages as an alternative to institutional nursing home care.

General Human Services (GHS) - Work with one of the following programs: 1) employment-related or first-to-work services, child-care licensing services, and economic assistance to eligible families and individuals; 2) administrative planning, development, and implementation of comprehensive statewide social service programs; 3) medical assistance; and 4) vocational rehabilitation services, including eligible individuals who are blind, deaf-blind or visually impaired.

Department of Health (DOH):

Hawaii State Hospital (HSH)
 - Work with severely mentally-ill adults, geriatric, forensic, dual-diagnosed clientele, providing psychiatric patient direct and indirect services including discharge planning, referral and placement services.

Developmental Disabilities (DDD) - Service individuals with developmental or intellectual disabilities and their families, providing case management functions; developing new and existing resources and services; or developing and coordinating quality assurance activities.

Adult Mental Health Division (AMHD) - Excluding HSH positions, work with complex and difficult cases providing comprehensive mental health treatment services to clients who would otherwise be at high risk for hospitalization or subject to recurrent symptoms requiring crisis services.  Positions located in a Clubhouse setting will be responsible for providing psychosocial rehabilitation services to adults with serious mental illness.  For Clubhouse positions, the immediate vacancies are located  in Halawa to Kalihi, Waipahu, Kaneohe to Kualoa and Waianae;  Island of Oahu and Wailuku/Kahului, Island of Maui.

Child & Adolescent Mental Health Division (CAMHD) - Work with youth clientele with emotional and behavioral health treatment services to clients and families.

Family Health Services Branch (FHSB) - Service families with infants and toddlers with special needs ages 0 to 3 years providing comprehensive care coordination, developmental evaluation, community-based resources and services, and assist with transition at age 3.

Hansen's Disease Branch (HDB) - The purpose of the Hansen's Disease Branch is to reduce the incidence and severity of complications due to Hansen's disease. The branch coordinates and provides free medical services, including diagnosis and treatment, for Hansen's disease patients and their contacts through a statewide Hansen's disease outpatient program. The branch also maintains the Kalaupapa Settlement on the island of Molokai and the Hale Mohalu Care Home in Kaimuki, both 24-hour, 7 days per week facilities for the care and treatment of formerly institutionalized Hansen's disease patients.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

To qualify, you must meet all of the following requirements:

Basic Education: In accordance with Act 238, SLH 2005, applicants must possess a bachelor's or master's degree in social work from a program of study accredited by the Council on Social Work Education, or a doctoral degree in social work from a college or university accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, or a comparable regional accreditation body.

Specialized Experience: Applicants must possess progressively responsible professional work experience which involved helping individuals and their families find satisfactory ways of identifying their problems, coping with their conditions, and functioning effectively within their environments in the amounts shown below.

For applicants who possess a Bachelor of Social Work degree, two years of the aforementioned professional experience.

For applicants who possess a Master of Social Work degree, one year of the aforementioned professional experience.

For applicants who possess a Ph.D. degree in Social Work, no professional experience required.

Note: Applicants who will graduate within six months, and will meet the Minimum Qualification Requirements upon their graduation will be accepted for examination. If you are graduating within six months with a Bachelor of Social Work degree or applicable Master's degree, please submit a copy of your official transcript of coursework completed thus far and a letter from your department head or registrar verifying your current enrollment in school, your expected graduation date and major with your application .

Driver's License: A valid driver's license is required for some positions. For these positions, a valid driver's license is required at the time of appointment.

NOTE:  Some positions require rotating shift work, including evenings, weekends and holidays. Be sure to mark your availability for shift work if you are interested in being considered for positions with this requirement.

The information provided above represents a summary of the complete Minimum Qualification Requirements. To view the Requirements in their entirety, CLICK HERE.


Other Information

The PSLF Program is a federal program that is intended to encourage individuals to work in public service by forgiving the balance of their federal student loans.  To qualify, the individual must have made 120 qualifying payments while employed by a qualifying employer.  For more information, please click:

The Department of Human Resources Development (HRD) will use electronic mail (email) to notify applicants of important information relating to the status and processing of their applications as part of our ongoing efforts to increase operational efficiency, promote the conservation of green resources, and minimize delays and costs.

Please ensure that the email address and contact information you provide is current, secure, and readily accessible to you. We will not be responsible in any way if you do not receive our emails or fail to check your email-box in a timely manner.  In addition, please be aware that you may no longer receive notification about applications submitted if you choose to disable the Job Application Emails feature in your Account Settings.

The examination for this recruitment will be conducted on an unassembled basis where the examination score is based on an evaluation and rating of your education and experience. It is therefore important that your employment application provide a clear and detailed description of the duties and responsibilities of each position you held.

In-person interviews and/or further testing in Hawaii may be required at the discretion of the hiring agency. If in-person interviews and/or further testing is a requirement, applicants who meet the minimum qualification requirements and are referred to the vacancy must be available to participate in person and at their own expense in this required phase of the selection process.

Applicants are encouraged to submit their applications as soon as possible. In addition to employment availability and score, the referral of qualified applicants may be based upon other factors including date of receipt of application.

The State of Hawai'i complies with federal and state disability laws and makes reasonable accommodations for applicants and employees with disabilities.  If you require reasonable accommodations in completing an application, any pre-employment testing, or otherwise participating in the selection process, please call 808-587-0936 for assistance.

CLICK HERE for further information about Equal Employment Opportunity, the Merit Civil Service System, Citizenship and other requirements, Reasonable Accommodation, Veterans Preference, Examination Requirements, and the State Recruiting Office's Levels of Review.