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Manager, Pharmacy Solutions (Pharmacy license not required)


Posted: 10/2/2019
Job Reference #: 5000459402906
Keywords: operations

Job Description

Employment Type


Exempt or Non-Exempt


Job Summary

The Manager, Pharmacy Solutions is responsible for the business development activities, operations and innovation projects related to pharmacy products and services including collaboration with other departments, vendors and other external parties to ensure the continued success of the activities, operations and functions, internally and externally. Integrate pharmacy management products, functions and processes into the normal business functions throughout HMSA. Supervises and directs staff within Pharmacy Management.

Minimum Qualifications

  1. Bachelor's degree and two years of related work experience; or equivalent combination of education and related work experience.
  2. Three years of relevant management or equivalent leadership experience.
  3. Experience with work flow analysis and improvement.
  4. Effective verbal and written communication skills.
  5. Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Manages on-going department dynamics ensuring the continued impact and success of the business development activities, operations and innovation projects.
    • Ensure changes to guidelines, policies, and procedures are analyzed and fully communicated to impacted parties.
    • Ensure implementation of operations is consistent with goals.
    • Manage relationships and contracts with vendors providing services to HMSA where Pharmacy Management is the business owner.
    • Manage and supervise staffs who are assigned to support and perform these functions.
  2. Creates and fosters working relationships with internal and external parties that facilitate success.
    • Effectively communicates with internal staff and external parties via the conduct of meetings and discussions to achieve consensus and enter into enforceable contracts.=
    • Achieve service commitments from core and support functional areas.
    • Prioritize, track and manage Pharmacy Management deliverables.
    • Ensure Pharmacy Management documentation and reporting are complete and meet compliance and contractual requirements.
    • Enables management to track performance and effectiveness of all activities to foster a culture of accountability and innovation.
  3. Coordinates and supports efforts of Medical Directors and pharmacists in maintaining clinical integrity of all products and services within the scope of Pharmacy Management.
    • Working with pharmacists, Medical Directors and Quality Improvement staff monitors and takes appropriate action to ensure quality and clinical metrics are developed and maintained consistent with current and developing best practices in the industry.
    • Coordinate and actively participates in discussions with providers.
    • Creates or oversees the creation of documentation of policies, procedures and workflows to ensure success of the department.
  4. Analyzes department performance and identifies opportunities to improve and innovate. Initiates activities to improve the project and communication of those measures throughout the organization and to providers, such as:
    • Coordinate review of Pharmacy Management performance with all functional areas.
    • Coordinate feedback to providers and members.
    • Oversee maintenance and / or update department documentation.
    • Recommend changes to processes to assess and evaluate impact of the department
  5. Develop and implement educational and training programs for internal staff, physician organizations, providers, employers, members and other HMSA constituencies. Provide quality content for HMSA website, provider resource center and other media.
  6. Applies project management principles to ensure the successful delivery of objectives.
    • Scope management for requirements baseline, changes and conflicts.
    • Issues, risk, change management.
    • Schedule including delivery and maintenance of strategic plans.
    • Costs / budget management.
  7. Other duties as assigned.