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Vendor/Project Manager (Consumer Solutions)


Posted: 10/2/2019
Job Reference #: 5000536488306
Keywords: manager

Job Description

Employment Type


Exempt or Non-Exempt


Job Summary

The Consumer Solutions Vendor/Project Manager is responsible for managing the vendor vetting and selection, contracting, and monitoring process for key vendors that support the Consumer Platform. He/she is responsible for the contract and vendor management functions and for working with department leadership to ensure that vendors are fulfilling their contracts.

In addition, the vendor/project manager will be responsible for projects which have a direct impact on enterprise wide initiatives and/or operational goals from design through implementation. He/she is responsible for successful planning, development and implementation, including but not limited to research and analysis. The vendor/project manager will oversee cross-departmental activities, utilize project management models and skills, and manage relationships with internal and external stakeholders and vendors to ensure the continued success of the program/project(s) and consistency with corporate strategy, commitments, and goals.

Successful candidates will be strong critical and analytical thinkers, have excellent written and verbal communication skills, strong collaboration and partnership skills, and be experienced in vendor management and contract administration. He/she will be able to maintain a micro and macro view of the business and issues, and will understand the interdependencies and impacts of potential changes in a process or workflow. The ability to work with people at all levels of the organization and under tight deadlines is a must.

Minimum Qualifications

  1. Bachelor's degree and five (5) years of related work experience; or an equivalent combination of education and related work experience.
  2. Knowledge of basic relevant statistical analyses.
  3. Proficiency in issues identification, data collection, analysis, and interpretation
  4. Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and the Internet.
  5. Strong verbal and written communication skills, with the ability to provide information in a formal presentation setting.
  6. Strong organization and time management skills to work on multiple projects simultaneously and meet project deadlines.
  7. Strong interpersonal skills.
  8. Ability to work independently and collaboratively.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Vendor Management
    • Responsible for understanding and implementing the HMSA Vendor Policy for Consumer Solution vendors including vendor vetting and selection, contracting, and monitoring.
    • Responsible for understanding the vendor management tool.
    • Monitor vendor performance and complete the appropriate vendor management plan(s).
    • Work with SCVM, IPP and C&E to document vendor performance and take the appropriate action if vendor is not meeting requirements.
    • Work with SCVM, IPP and C&E to document vendor performance and take the appropriate action if vendor is not meeting requirements.
    • Work with SCVM to confirm the Sourcing score during the intake interview process.
    • Complete Vendor Performance Scorecard to conduct an overall assessment of how the vendor is performing.
    • Responsible for Operational Deliverable Plans for high risk vendors. Lead the determination of key operational deliverables and services to monitor, manage and report on.
    • Assist IPP and C&E with regulatory and privacy and security monitoring.
    • Participate in the periodic review of delegates based on C&E risk score.
    • Assist IPP in periodic reviews of vendors based on review cycles.
    • Extend or terminate the vendor relationship as appropriate.
    • Monitor and reconcile vendor billing to ensure accuracy and appropriateness.
  2. Program and Project Managment
    • Plan and implement high-level, mission-critical, inter-departmental programs and project(s) with guidance from executive sponsors, business owners, subject matter experts, and project staff.
    • Manage deliverables and timelines.
      • Facilitate the definition of project scope, goals, and deliverables and lead the implementation to ensure consistency with stated goals.
      • Develop full-scale project plans, including defining project tasks, timeline, resource and business requirements, and managing budget and resource allocation.
      • Provide work direction and leadership to project team, including scheduling and assignment of work and review of individual project efforts.
      • Conduct ongoing assessments to reprioritize as needed and to make mid-course corrections to ensure measures meet short and long term goals.
    • Resolve project issues or issues assigned by team lead(s). Identify organizational strengths and weaknesses, and propose solutions.
    • Ensure that program documentation and reporting are complete.
    • Facilitate communication and prepare project status updates for management, partners, business owner, executive sponsor, and project team, or others as required.
  3. Research and Analysis
    • Gather and analyze information such as business trends, competitive threats, and strategic assumptions.
    • Provide quality, objective, and professional analysis of relevant program topics.
    • Visualize and present data in a way that highlights a program/project's areas of excellence and areas of improvement.
    • Gather and analyze information to identify trends, issues, and potential problems and solutions related to program development or implementation.
      • Develop design analysis framework.
      • Prepare reports.
      • Present results with recommendations.
      • Execute solutions.
    • Develop strategies and tactics based on logical assumptions and facts considering resources, constraints, and HMSA values.
    • Facilitate planning sessions with management to align departmental/program efforts with corporate strategic goals in order to deliver tactical results.
  4. Cross-Functional Integration and Communication
    • Work directly with cross-departmental team members to complete tasks, facilitate communication, and provide status updates.
    • Work with the project team, HMSA departments and external partners to monitor, collect, communicate, and distribute information.
    • Communicate analysis, assessments, recommendations and completed work product through professional written and oral reports and presentations.
    • Cooperate with other staff members to accomplish job duties as well as assisting others in accomplishing theirs.
    • Facilitate meetings and discussions to achieve consensus and enter into enforceable contracts for the assigned project.
    • Manage relationships and contracts with vendors providing services under the project as needed.
    • Coordinate and document steering and leadership committee/team activities.
    • Ensure changes to guidelines, policies, and procedures are analyzed and fully communicated to impacted parties
  5. Perform other duties as assigned
    • On a regular, sustained basis, cooperates with other staff members both within and outside the department in the accomplishment of one's own job duties as well as assisting other in accomplishing theirs.
    • Serve as a team player and role model for other employees in the organization by always exhibiting traits of courtesy, caring, helpfulness, and respect; conducts oneself in a service-oriented manner that is attentive, pleasant, cooperative, sensitive, respectful, and kind when dealing with members, visitors, the public, and all employees.